Document classification


Classification and sensitive content management

Application Q-Integra Classify allows to classify documents into levels according to confidentiality, integrity and availability requirements and manages the classified documents.

It protects sensitive content of documents with possibilities of automated recognition of classification levels.

You can also add metadata with confidentiality information.

Document classification allows

  • inserting watermarks with information about classification,
  • editing metadata with classification level ,
  • printing and copying protection,
  • password protection.

Automated classification of documents in batches

  • labelling of information in documents according to confidentiality level,
  • workflow, manual check and approval of automatically processed documents.

    Export of classified documents to

    • a folders,
    • an email,
    • internal systems,
    • external systems.


      • compliance with security standards for information handling – conformity with internal and legal requirements, GDPR and ISO 27001 standard,
      • accessibility of sensible information only to authorized users,
      • lower risk of disclosure of information,
      • automated labeling of classified documents,
      • higher awareness about sensible information – ensuring the responsibility of users,
      • creating of „Information assets catalogue“ with confidentiality, integrity and availability levels and asset owners with possibility of export to XLS file.


        • document loading in many supported file formats in an internet browser,
        • possibility of automated processing of batch of documents (import, workflow and export of documents, setup of responsibility and parameters for processing),
        • possibility of watermark labelling according to classification level and editing the metadata of documents,
        • possibility of document printing and copying protection with password enabled
        • possibility of redacting of sensible information,
        • possibility of integration with other ICT systems,
        • integration with directory services and SSO support.