Q-integra for IBM Notes

Information system Q-integra

It is an integrated software product to support management, decision making and teamwork in companies. It is designed to ensure continuous improvement of the management system in the company and meets the modern management methods of the company:

  • Balanced Scorecard methodology for strategic management,
  • process management,
  • meeting the requirements of ISM (Integrated Management System) -> ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

The modular concept of Q-integra enables flexible solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Each module can work independently or be fully integrated into the system. The system also supports several language mutations.

Implemented from HCL Notes

  • data security in the system (RC2),
  • defining access for individual users up to the database item level depending on the organizational structure,
  • dynamic document links,
  • updating data using replication – support for mobile users and off-line work,
  • integrated mail server,
  • full-text search in documents and attachments created in external Microsoft Office applications, OpenOffice…


  • linking the strategy with the operation and a prominent improvement of the entire company management system,
  • process approach to company management, reducing time of process status changes,
  • simple sustainability of the company’s management system (management documentation, evidential documentation, improvement …),
  • increasing efficiency and productivity of users’ work,
  • supporting team collaboration and competencies.


  • using individual applications to produce quality at lower costs and thus increase the competitiveness of the company,
  • supporting strategic and process management (business process automation, workflow management) and continual improvement,
  • creating a model to increase competitiveness -> competitive quality -> EFQM,
  • efficient internal communication throughout the company.

Solution attributes

  • complexity, efficiency, enforcement of practical solutions,
  • openness of the system and connection to the existing customer information system,
  • linking with standard office packages (MS Office, OpenOffice, MS Visio …),
  • implementation of Q-integra according to specific and defined business processes of the customer.


  • administrative management – eOffice
  • document management – eDoc
  • record management – eRecords
  • audit management – eAudits
  • customer relationship management – eCRM
  • project management – eProject
  • risk management – eRisk
  • management of environmental records – eRecordsEnviroment
  • records management for the food industry – eRecords Food
  • reports – Reporting.