Q-integra for web

The portal provides a common user environment for all key applications and organizational information through an Internet browser, creating an electronic space for sharing information and facilitating document handling – enabling them to be shared, managed, and organized.

The advantage of implementing the portal solution in the organization is the ability to work with the portal anywhere the user has an Internet connection available.

Thanks to our experience, we offer web applications custumized to your requirements or directly tailored to your needs.

We offer a highly efficient and easy-to-operate system with no redundant functionality.

Q-integra for HCL Notes

Q-integra is an integrated software product to support management, decision making and teamwork in companies. It is designed to ensure continuous improvement of the management system in the company and meets the modern management methods of the company:

  • Balanced Scorecard methodology for strategic management,
  • process management,
  • meeting the requirements of ISM (Integrated Management System) -> ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

The modular concept of Q-integra enables flexible solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Each module can work independently or be fully integrated into the system. The system also supports several language mutations.