Support for process digitization, information sharing and teamwork

Q-integra provides a common user environment for all key applications and organizational information through an Internet browser, creating an electronic space for sharing information and facilitating document handling – enabling them to be shared, managed, and organized.

It represents a large unified environment for the creation, operation and further development of enterprise applications.


Application is designed to anonymize sensitive content in documents.


Unique tool to support the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) strategic performance measurement system.


Enables the classification of documents into classes and their management based on content.

Electronic office

Application designed to automate the administrative and business processes of the company.

Risk management

A comprehensive tool for risk and asset management.

Switching between applications

  • simple and intuitive user interface, quick implementation in the organization.

    Organizational structure

    • information on people, positions, groups and roles,
    • setting up and administration of the entire system.


      • automatically generated logs of user activity.

        Common features of apps

        • work based on the organizational structure, functional locations and user groups,
        • role-based access rights management,
        • full-text search,
        • user ordering and filtering of records,
        • automatically generated logs of user activity,
        • notifications to users via email, SMS or skype,
        • user integration with directory services and identity management,
        • Single Sign-On support,
        • encrypting stored data and communications,
        • localization into multiple languages,
        • the possibility of integration into existing ICT systems.


          • optimization of processes and activities,
          • cost reduction and shortening average process times,
          • short implementation time,
          • low demand on infrastructure resources of the organization,
          • simple management and maintenance,
          • high security of the solution,
          • functionality even in a standard internet browser, without the need to install additional apps or plugins,
          • technology built on open standards.

            Technical specification


            Supported browsers:

            • Mozilla Firefox
            • Microsoft Internet Explorer
            • Google Chrome


            Supported operating systems:

            • Microsoft Windows
            • Linux


            Supported application servers:

            •  JBoss/WildFly
            • Oracle WebLogic


            Supported database servers:

            • Microsoft SQL Server
            • Oracle Database
            • PostgreSQL