ISM consulting

The results of the research team’s work have been gradually transformed into the contents of individual Q-integra system databases. Databases: Organizational Structure, Process Map (complete process analysis and management), Products (centralizes a complete information base for each product), Enterprise Standards and other supporting (complete electronic solution of managed documentation), Travel orders, Design, Measuring equipment and others gradually took not just the paper form of documents, but today they provide their own processes prescribed to meet the quality standards.

Of course, development was not easy – GI-BON had to take into account some of the processes of our production operations and adapt their products accordingly. It must be admitted that they reacted quite flexibly, and the solution needed for deployment in a relatively large and dynamically changing chemical plant is manageable.

Today we can say that we have successfully passed both the ISO 14001 environmental management and the ISO 9000:2000 quality management audit thanks to GI-BON. It is important to note that the auditors of Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd. liked the used solution very much.

We are ready to cooperate with GI-BON further in solving other processes of our company. Ing. Pavel Niedoba

Head of ITS, BorsodChem, spol. s r.o. Ostrava