The ZORRO / REDACTING application for document anonymization in order to remove sensitive content before public distribution is used by about 5000 users. The application greatly simplifies the process of publishing contracts, invoices and orders – as defined by legislation – for all customers.

ISM consulting

Pavel Niňaj, manager of SAVE, said: “Through regular training and consultations, we have managed all the necessary activities fairly smoothly and in a relatively short time we have obtained a quality management system certificate and we can now summarize the first results of our efforts. There has been a significant improvement in communication flows within the company. Also improved was planning and assessment of the current state of the company’s activities, and there has been a reduction of the cost of administrative work. “

Q-integra for HCL Notes

Our clients include major organizations in the food, chemical, rubber, engineering, construction, electrical, IT, public and government sectors. Our customers value tailor-made systems in IBM Notes environment for quality, security, environmental and administration management, and also management of other internal business processes.