Management systems

Our solutions are simple and effective, they increase productivity, prosperity and are customer oriented. The products and form of cooperation are fully customizable to your needs and requirements:

  • complex support for management, including support for information technology,
  • products are selected according to your needs (specific extent of consultations, training, documentation services …).

Cyber Security Audit

The operator of essential service is obliged to verify the efficiency of implemented security measures and the fulfilment of requirements by carrying out cybersecurity audit up to 2 years since the day of being registered in the essential services operators’ registry.
The audit shall be carried out in the extend declared according to general binding regulation issued by the Authority with regard to information classification and networks and information systems category after every change with the significant impact on implemented security measures has been made and in certain time interval. 

Performance management

Do you need to implement a strategy? Increase performance? How? With Balanced Scorecard and our services, you will meet the key challenges of business management – you implement your strategy.

Our services will help you to:

  • put strategy into practice,
  • streamline reporting,
  • simplify the planning process.

When implementing Balanced Scorecard, we are supported by our applications.

IT services

The aim of our IT services is to help customers realize their business vision and intentions through information technology.

We provide a range of services that can instantly address your requirements, issues, or crises. A comprehensive range of support services ensures the continuous operation of the implemented information systems and the constant processing and evaluation of all necessary information.